New Patients Referral Network,
Most Fortuitous Opportunity! For many Doctors, the greatest compliment and appreciated recognition is when patients refer other patients. Also it's the most financially rewarding. Referred patients are known to be the best new patients (vs/ new patients obtained via SEO and advertising which many if not most are price conscious deal seekers plus are costly to attract).
Proven Formula's and original content by #1 Doctors highest traffic website in the World former CEO of John Dearlove and his team have enabled similar benefits for you.
Proven Benefits:
  • Takes five minutes (setup and review)
  • 10% to 30% More Appointments (reported within 6 to 9 months)
  • Free additional 30 days every paid 6 months (when you report your reactivations)
  • "Patient Retention Protection" (uniquely prevents other Doctors from eNurture Marketing to your patients)
Your ROI (Return On Investment)

Fees and pricing incentives:
  • 1st 30 days FREE
  • $195 per month (vs. $300 = 35% DFH pass-along savings)
Your monthly rate drops to only $120 per month when you upload 100 or more email addresses

ROI made simple:
  • Breakeven is typically one additional patient appointment per month
  • ROI for most Doctors is: 10% to 30% increased appointments (easiest to track inactive reactivations, and most have 2X to 4X more inactive patients so 10% of inactive reactivating = 20% to 40% of active patients not even including referrals from same)
  • ROI exclusive for DFH practitioners: Automated Remuneration for you from your patients linked Designs For Health purchases